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Codename Projection is a prototype of a first-person Metroidvania exploration game in VR with teleportation mechanics. You can also play it as a traditional game with mouse controls. I was inspired by the limitations of VR, namely, that moving the camera like you might in a traditional game is to be avoided.

(Those were the restrictions, anyway, when I started this project; the VR community has been moving more towards traditional movement/locomotion lately)


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CodenameProjection_Mouse_Linux.zip 28 MB
CodenameProjection_Mouse_Mac.zip 24 MB
CodenameProjection_Mouse_Windows.zip 20 MB
CodenameProjection_VR_Linux.zip 28 MB
CodenameProjection_VR_Mac.zip 24 MB
CodenameProjection_VR_Windows.zip 20 MB

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I watched and listened with great interest and I learned an awful lot from your video. The overall idea you have for a game is great but as it was your protoype I don't think you will be coming back to this one but rather moving forward with your newfound knowledge to see what else you can produce. I could be wrong.

However, you did spend a lot of time learning unity and the mechanics and I totally understand that in the early stages of learning it can be a total head bomb, so I'd like to say well done and to also wish you all the best.

interesting concept, but the action-select-system needs a bit of work. (moving to the desired action is a bit too sluggish)

perhaps you could map the numeric keypad (rightClick+number) to the actions.
(5= move, 8=hand,9 = teleport, etc. basically the same placement pattern as the current selectByMouse system)